Blue Planet Nutrients Liquid Seaweed

Blue Planet Nutrients Liquid Seaweed is a staple for any garden. This versatile, easy to use product provides organic material that will boost plant vitality and stimulate healthy new growth in all varieties of plants. Liquid Seaweed naturally contains alginic acid, vitamins, auxins, gibberellins, naturally occurring antibiotics, and is loaded with many major plant nutrients as well as over 60 trace elements. BPN Liquid Seaweed is derived from Ascophyllum nodosum and is compatible with any brand or type of fertilizers and supplements. It's a concentrated formula which is diluted and fed directly to plants or used as a foliar spray. This is a product you'll want to always have on hand for all varieties of plants growing in any type of garden. 

How can plants and gardens benefit from adding Liquid Seaweed?

Micronutrients - Liquid Seaweed is naturally rich in micronutrients, which are fully chelated, so they can be easily utilized by plants to prevent and correct any micronutrient deficiencies.

Natural Plant Hormones - In the ocean, seaweed is capable of rapid growth in extreme conditions such as low light levels & strong tides due to its naturally occurring growth hormones. BPN Liquid Seaweed will provide your plants with those natural hormones allowing for a boost in growth and development.

Carbohydrates - Gardens can greatly benefit from carbohydrates, which are a source of energy essential for carrying out normal growth functions. Liquid Seaweed contains carbohydrates and can help mother plants produce more successful clones, help stimulate growth, and even help produce better smelling flowers and sweeter fruits when used in conjunction with other supplements such as Early Bloomer and Liquid Blue. The extra carbohydrates in Liquid Seaweed can be invaluable to increasing yield and increasing the overall quality of your harvest.

Stronger Beneficial Microbes - Liquid Seaweed contains ample amounts of organic material, which is a rich source of food for beneficial microorganisms in your growing medium. A healthy beneficial microbial population in and around the roots of plants is instrumental in having healthy roots (allowing for more nutrient/water uptake) and controlling pathogenic microorganisms in the growing medium. 

Liquid Seaweed is an effective and beneficial supplement meant to be used in conjunction with a complete feeding regimen such as BlueMax, Elite Series, or Farmer's Pride base nutrients.