Blue Planet Nutrients Elite Series 3-Part Grow/Micro/Bloom Base Nutrients

Do you want to grow the ickiest, stickiest, dankest flowers possible? If the answer is Yes, purchase our award winning 3-part base nutrients today.

Blue Planet Nutrients Elite Series is the finest 3-Part nutrient solution in the Industry. It is hand-crafted using only the purest and highest quality raw materials available and carefully formulated to maximize the yield of your high value plants. Blue Planet Elite Series 3-Part is a complete nutrient system that provides plants with every nutrient required for growth in the correct amounts. When used together, Blue Planet Nutrients Elite Series provides all the essential macro and micro nutrients including nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium, sulfur, iron, manganese, zinc, boron, copper, and molybdenum. BPN Elite 3-Part is safe to use in all hydroponic systems, aeroponics, coco coir, all soil-less mediums such as vermiculite and perlite, and in soil.

Why choose Blue Planet Nutrients over the many other 3-Part nutrient systems available?

At a glance, most nutrient 3-Part nutrient systems appear to be the same. That is totally not true. Although many companies use similar raw materials to get to the same guaranteed analysis, the ratios of these raw materials can vary significantly. Blue Planet Nutrients 3-part is "ionically-balanced" which maximizes the uptake of nutrients and minimizes the energy plants expend taking up essential nutrients.  Although plants can adjust to many different cation:anion ratios not typical of their normal uptake characteristics, plants will expend far less energy if the ions of the essential elements are in the proper balance.

What micronutrient chelating agents does Blue Planet Nutrients use in the Elite Series?

Let's begin by defining what chelates are. Chelates are "carrier molecules" that bind to certain elements and keep them from adversely reacting with other elements rendering them unavailable for plant uptake. Chelates also make micronutrients available for plant uptake at varying pH levels. We use a combination of synthetic chelating molecules such as EDTA, DTPA, and EDDHA as well as amino acid chelated micronutrients that are certified organic from the manufacturer. Why do we include amino acid chelated micronutrients in our 3-Part formula? The answer is quite simple. Amino acid chelates are recognized by plants as natural substances and easily taken up at a wide variety of pH levels. The glycine amino chelate we use passes into plants very easily at a wide variety of ph values. Once the micronutrient is separated from its amino chelating molecule, the amino acid then becomes a soluble source of nitrogen that can be easily used in the construction of plant cell walls. Amino acids are the building blocks of all plant tissues.

The bottom line is this, Blue Planet Nutrients Elite Series is tailored to maximize the yield of high value crops.

Our motto is "No Hype. Just Results."


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