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Blue Planet Nutrients Farmer's Pride® Organic Blend 3-Part Base Nutrients is designed for the All-Natural Gardener in mind.

Blue Planet Nutrients FARMER'S PRIDE® 3-part Base Nutrient System is an ultra concentrated 3-Part Formula designed to give your plants the balanced nutrition needed during the vegetation and flowering period.

Farmer's Pride® Nutrients are made using the finest and freshest organic and natural ingredients available. We use Nigh Nitrogen bat guano, High Phosphorus bat guano, Bone Meal, Blood Meal, Alfalfa Meal, All-Natural Potash, Amino-Chelated Micro Nutrients, and all natural minerals to provide all necessary nutrients required for rapid plant growth.

The ingredients used in Farmer's Pride® Nutrients will promote and facilitate the growth of beneficial bacteria and fungi in your growing media.

The use of Blue Planet Nutrients Organic Blend Products promotes full flavors, aromas, and beautiful bouquets only obtained by the use of the rich and pure organic ingredients provided by BLUE PLANET NUTRIENTS.

Blue Planet Nutrients FARMER'S PRIDE® 3-part Base Nutrient System is Made in the USA.

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