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We offer the highest quality plant nutrients on the market.                      
Blue Planet Nutrients are specifically formulated to maximize yields of flowering crops.
To get started, check out our PRODUCTS page and choose between either our 2-part or 3-part base nutrients.

Blue Planet Nutrients Elite®  3-Part 

Nutrients specifically formulated for high value crops

Blue Planet Nutrients Elite Series is hand-crafted using only the highest quality raw materials available and carefully formulated to maximize the yield of your high value plants. Blue Planet Elite 3-Part is a complete nutrient system that provides plants with every nutrient required for maximum growth in the precise amounts. BPN Elite Grow-Micro-Bloom is safe to use in all hydroponic systems, aeroponics, coco-coir, all soil-less mediums such as vermiculite, perlite, and in soil. 

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BlueMax®  Premium 2-Part

Nutrients specifically formulated for high value crops

Blue Planet Nutrients BlueMax 2-Part is the finest 2-Part nutrient solution in the hydroponics industry. The BlueMax 2-Part Formula is the only "Ionically Balanced" nutrient formula on the market. The proprietary BlueMax formulas maximize the uptake of nutrients and minimizes the energy plants' expend taking up essential nutrients. BlueMax in a complete fertilizer, containing all nutrients required for maximum plant growth, and is safe to use in all hydroponic systems, aeroponics, coco-coir, all soil-less mediums such as vermiculite and perlite, and in soil.

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    Farmer's Pride

    Organic Blend 3-Part

     For the more Natural-Minded Gardener


Farmer's Pride Organic Blend has the all natural gardener in mind. The base of this nutrient formula is a proprietary blend of enzymatically digested alfalfa meal, fish meal, kelp meal, bone meal and composted high N bat guano from a cave in deep Southwest Texas. The Micro is fortified with Certified Organic Amino Acid Chelates and naturally occurring minerals for readily available micronutrients and Magnesium. High levels of Potassium and Phosphorus are critical to bud and flower development. Farmer's Pride Bloom is fortified with acid treated Indonesian Bat Guano to make high levels of phosphorus immediately available for plant uptake and naturally ocurring Potash provides healthy levels of all natural Potassium. This well balanced Organic Blend 3-Part System will produce amazing results.

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So now you have a garden full of huge healthy plants using Blue Planet Nutrients base nutrient formulas but you have decided to push your plants to the "next level". The easiest way to get to the "next level", especially during the Flowering Phase is to supplement your plants with Bloom Boosters. We offer 2 high intensity Bloom Boosters that are formulated to maximize yield and fruit size. Early Bloomer is formulated for use in early flowering stages and Liquid Blue is formulated to be used in the later flowering stages of a plant's life cycle.



BPN Early Bloomer® and Liquid Blue® Bloom Boosters

Blue Planet Nutrients Early Bloomer and Liquid Blue are specially formulated to enhance the production of Heavy, Sticky Buds and Flowers. Early Bloomer helps maximize early development of bud sites and Liquid Blue plumps and hardens buds and flowers for maximum weight, potency, and resin production. 

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Do you want to Supercharge plant growth? Push your plant's growth limits even further? Want the absolute maximum yield possible? 

Then give your plants what they crave....Super-Charged Plant Growth Supplements.



If you are feeding your plants with Blue Planet Nutrients they already have all the "essential" elements required for lush, rapid growth and a heavy harvest. Many plants are bred for the desirable qualities of their fruit and flowers. Our supplements are designed to super charge plant growth and increase overall health of these types of plants. VitaBlue is a B-Vitamin supplement that does just this. B-vitamins are critical for maintaining many cellular processes within plants. Providing your plants with readily available B-Vitamins allows plants to focus more of their energy on root development, vegetative growth, flower development, and the production of Essential Oils.

VitaBlue has what plants crave!        

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                                                                                                                   Liquid Seaweed®

In the Ocean, seaweed is capable of remarkable feats of rapid growth in extremely unforgiving conditions. Seaweed contends with low levels of light and the constant pull of the tides and yet it is able to grow at stunning speeds. BPN Liquid Seaweed is packed with special naturally occurring growth hormones found only in seaweed, over 60 trace elements, antibiotics, and carbohydrates. BPN Liquid Seaweed helps mother plants produce more successful clones, stimulates growth, and even helps produce better smelling flowers and sweeter fruits. Liquid Seaweed is 100% Organic.

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Root Magic®

How do plants absorb water and nutrients? Through their roots of course! Is it possible to increase the surface area of roots by up to 1,000 times so they are more efficient at obtaining the necessary nutrients? The answer is Yes! BPN Root Magic will do just this. 

Root Magic contains naturally occurring mycorrhizae that form symbiotic relationships with plant roots. The mycorrhizae gets a small amount of food from the plant and in return it increases the absorbing area of roots by up to 1,000 times. The result is plants that require less water and more efficiently uptake nutrients.

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