Gold Shield Silica Supplement

Gold Shield is a silica supplement which increases the strength of stems and branches, increases resistance to environmental stress, and improves the uptake of water and nutrients in plants. Gold Shield provides silicon which plants deposit around cell walls making plants better able to support the weight of heavy fruits & flowers. Silicon deposits also make it more difficult for diseases to penetrate cell walls and less desirable for insects. The addition of Gold Shield will optimize nutrient uptake and photosynthesis, improving overall crop quality and quantity. A versatile and easy to use product, Gold Shield is a concentrated formula which is compatible with any brand/type of fertilizers and supplements. 

Gold Shield Benefits:
  • Increases the structural integrity of plant tissue by strengthening cell walls
  • Improves the uptake of water and nutrients
  • Improves resistance to wilt and water stress
  • Increases chlorophyll production allowing leaves to operate more efficiently varying light levels
  • Improves resistance to pathogens
  • Increases the metabolism of CO2 through increased production of the higher concentrations of the enzyme RUBP carboxylase in leaf tissue
  • Helps prevent mineral toxicity
  • Adds extra potassium for enhanced flowering
  • Increases crop weight and total yield

Gold Shield Silica is deposited in plant cell walls fortifying them from the inside out. The silica in Gold Shield “builds” the plant, acting like cement in the cell walls or between the actual cells themselves. It increases the structural integrity of the plant, making stems, branches, and leaves thicker, stronger, and greener. If you are growing plants for the weight of their fruits and flowers, Gold Shield will increase the strength of the stems so they can hold more weight without supports. The silicon in Gold Shield is deposited in the endodermis and cell walls of roots, increasing the selective uptake of water and beneficial nutrients while restricting the uptake and transport of toxic ions to aerial parts of the plant. This results in overall healthier plants that are better for human consumption. This is extremely beneficial for plants grown in soil which may contain unknown heavy metals. This product helps plants be less susceptible to water stress by influencing hydraulic adjustment in plants reducing transpiration rates and improving stomatal conductance. The silica in Gold Shield is polymerized in the leaf cuticle and acts as a barrier against insects and pathogens. Using Gold Shield as a foliar spray forms an outer shield on plant leaves further increasing the barrier between insects and pathogens and plant tissue. Overall, Gold Shield is a great addition to any garden and can be used on all varieties of plants growing in any type of garden whether soil, hydroponic, or aeroponic.