Why You Should Supplement Your Plants with Gold Shield Silica

Gold Shield can do wonders in your grow room. In fact, Gold Shield Silica is probably the most beneficial supplemental nutrient that you can add to your feeding regime.

Silica plays an important role in just about every plant.

I'll just start of by listing all the benefits and then go into a little more detail.

Gold Shield...
  • Increases the structural integrity on almost every plant tissue by strengthening cell walls.
  • Improves the uptake of water and nutrients.
  • Improves resistance to wilt and water stress.
  • Increases chlorophyll production allowing leaves to operate more efficiently in low light levels as well high light levels.
  • Increases resistance to pathogens such as powdery mildew, Pythium, and Botrytis.
  • Increases the metabolism of CO2 through increased production of the higher concentrations of the enzyme RUBP carboxylase in leaf tissue.
  • Helps prevents mineral toxicity.
  • Adds extra potassium for enhanced flowering.
  • Increases crop weight and total yield.

Gold Shield Silica is deposited in plant cell walls fortifying them from the inside out. The silica in Gold Shield “builds” the plant, acting like cement in the cell walls or between the actual cells themselves. It increases the structural integrity of the plant, making stems and branches thicker and stronger, and leaves greener and tougher. This is especially important when you are pushing your plants to the limit and growing them quickly. If you are growing plants for the weight of their flowers, Gold Shield will increase the strength of the stems so they can hold more weight and won't have to be supported.

Gold Shield is deposited in the endodermis and cell walls of roots increasing the selective uptake of water and beneficial nutrients while restricting the uptake and transport of toxic ions to aerial parts of the plant. This results in overall healthier plants that are better for human consumption. This is VERY IMPORTANT in soil grown plants that can have unknown heavy metals in the soil.

Gold Shield influences hydraulic adjustment in plants by reducing transpiration rates and improving stomatal conductance which makes plants less susceptible to water stress.

After the transpirational bypass flow, the silica in Gold Shield is polymerized in the leaf cuticle and acts as a barrier against insects and pathogens.

Using Gold Shield as a foliar spray forms an outer shield on plant leaves further increasing the barrier to insects and pathogens.

Gold Shield improves effective leaf area and photosynthetic efficiency as well as delay of leaf senescence through increased chlorophyll production. Photosynthesis is a determinant factor for crop growth and development as maximum photosynthesis contributes toward more yield and production, and it is the most basic and critical physiological process directly related to yield, especially during the flowering phase. The physiological improvements Gold Shield has on plants is associated with larger leaf area, enhanced light interception, and improved net photosynthetic assimilation. Crop yield potentially can be increased by up to 50% by raising photosynthetic capacity.

You cannot afford not to add Gold Shield to your Plant's feeding regime. Buy some Gold Shield today and maximize your yield!