Farmer's Pride Organic Blend     Base Nutrients

Farmer's Pride was developed for the more natural-minded gardener. The organic base of this nutrient formula is a proprietary blend of enzymatically digested alfalfa meal, fish meal, kelp meal, bone meal and composted high Nitrogen bat guano.

Farmer's Pride GROW provides plants with organic nitrogen and mineral forms of nitrogen and calcium that plants need during all stages of growth. Farmer's Pride MICRO contains certified organic amino acid chelated micronutrients and other naturally occurring minerals. Farmer's Pride BLOOM is fortified with acid treated Indonesian Bat Guano so high levels of phosphorus are immediately available for plant uptake. FP BLOOM also provides your plants with healthy levels of all natural potassium in the form of naturally mined potash. This well balanced Organic Blend 3-Part System produces amazing results.

Organic Blend     GROW • MICRO • BLOOM

Farmer's Pride GROW, MICRO, and BLOOM are designed to be used together.

These 3 proprietary formula contain the perfect balance of immediately available primary, secondary, and micronutrients required for maximum growth. The ingredients used in Farmer's Pride promotes and facilitates the growth of beneficial bacteria and fungi in your growing media. Due to the organic nature of this product, there may be larger particles in the nutrient solution that may clog fine jets/pumps. Farmer's Pride is designed for use in hydroponic systems, coco-coir, all soil-less mediums such as vermiculite and perlite, and in soil.

Farmer's Pride Organic Blend will maximize your grow room to its fullest potential.

Farmer's Pride Organic Blend Feed Charts

Available sizes:

  • quart
  • gallon
  • 30 gallon drum
  • 55 gallon drum
  • custom sizes available


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