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About Blue Planet Nutrients

Imagine if you had a friend who is a skilled chemist and plant scientist... Someone who developed his own fertilizers for use in his garden and selected the finest ingredients, calculating the exact amounts of each component to make sure his plants would have optimal nutrition during each stage of the plant's life from seedling to harvest... Imagine he gives you some of his expert concoction and within a few feedings your garden explodes! The plants start packing on weight and bulking up in no time. Things are looking better than they have ever looked...

So you put his nutrients to good use for a few years, having great results. Meanwhile, everyone else he supplies is getting those same great results... The demand for the nutrients got so wild he started selling it in order to be able to afford to keep making it for everybody! But then your skilled plant scientist friend tells you his regular job as a plant scientist has him too busy to keep up with his nutrient business... Bummer! But wait! He needs you to come on board to help out. What would you do?

I know what I would do, and it's what I did because all this happened to me. I jumped on the opportunity to help continue what my friend started - to be able to hook people up with quality fertilizer at low prices and save them from these big, over-priced, nutrient lines with redundant products and fancy labels - plain and simple. What's inside the bottle is what counts, not the marketing around it. With nothing more than quality products and word of mouth from satisfied customers, Blue Planet Nutrients has quickly grown from a dream in a garage, to a top contender in the plant nutrient industry. We have a loyal gang of customers who have been with us for years and are constantly picking up new friends along the way. Your garden looking its best helps us look our best. We're here to help you make it happen. Please let us know if you have any questions or need assistance with anything.

Thank you for choosing Blue Planet Nutrients,